53-55 Shireland Road, Smethwick, B66 4RQ

1.     Children shall be admitted in accordance with their character, zeal, and willingness to learn. All new students are allocated a trial period of up to 3 months in which they are assessed. If the Madrasah feels they cannot cater for the needs of the student then their studies may be suspended.

2.      Students who do not abide by the rules of the Madrasah or are a cause of any harm to the Madrasah, its staff or any student may be expelled.

3.      If the occasion arises that a student requires discipline, then staff may, if needed make the student 1. Give verbal warning 2.Detention for 5/10min without prior notice  3. Work in isolation  4. After Madrasah detention for up to 45 minutes. 5. Contact the parent to discuss the issue 6. Suspension or permanently expelled.

4.      If the need arises parents/guardians may be called to the Madrasah to discuss the student’s progress, behavior or any other problems. Parents then must attend.

5.      Students shall be admitted from the ages 5-16. We reserve the right to admit children younger or older in special circumstances.

6.      Dress code must be adhered to whilst attending; kurta/jubba of any colour and topee (cap) for boys. Hijaab and jubbah for girls. Both boys and girls must wear a Shalwaar.  Shorts and open dresses are not allowed. Students not adhering to the uniform will be sent home.

7.     No extreme hairstyles, all students must have their hair cut in equal length all over,  students having partially shaved heads will not be tolerated, tram lines and other patterns are also not allowed.

8.      The Madrasah will charge a fee of ₤420.00 per student per year. Fees shall be paid in 3 terms of £140 or 11 monthly installments of £40 as detailed in the student fees slip. Fees not being paid on time or continuous delays without REASON may result in the discontinuation of their child’s studies.

9.      All absences must be explained with a formal note. A verbal explanation will not be sufficient. Students who may be absent for a long period of time must inform the Madrasah in advance to prevent the student from being removed.

10. The Madrasah reserves the right to suspend the studies of students who are absent for an excess of 10 days a year without reason.  

11. All students must arrive on time enabling the lessons to start promptly. Students arriving late without reasonable excuses are eligible to discipline and if this continues, parents may be called in.

12. The Madrasah doors shall open 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the lessons. Parents/guardians MUST remain with their child if they arrive prior to this time, regardless of doors being closed or open. Students who arrive before the doors open must at all times remain in the building compound and NOT on the pavements.

13. In the case of bad weather conditions (heavy snow etc) or other emergencies, parents are directed to contact the Madrasah on 0121 565 5767 for information regarding closure.

14. Parents and guardians must not interfere with the day to day running of the Madrasah.

15. Parents/guardians must not approach or intimidate any member of staff.

16. Complaints must be made in written or by appointment DIRECTLY to the head teacher who will try to resolve the issue.

17. All new students have to pay an admission fee of £35.

Parents/guardians must, therefore, agree to the following:

·        I fully agree not to park my car in front of the Madrasah on the double yellow lines and not to block the bus stop. I will park my car legally and safely and not disrupt the traffic. Parking spaces are available opposite the Madrasah on the road and in the car park opposite Samra Supermarket. Madrasah will not be able to facilitate for children whose parents park their car illegally at pick up and drop off times.

·        I fully agree to the disciplinary measures implemented by the Madrasah for my child’s tarbiyah.

·        I indemnify Madrasah against any damages, injuries etc during my child’s attendance.

·        If I break any part of the above agreement, I will take full responsibility for the consequences that may lead to the discontinuation of my child’s studies.


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