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Throughout the year we receive visitors from various organisations and establishments. A great deal of visitors are from faith, inter-faith and educational institutions wishing to further their understanding of Islamic lifestyle and worship. The mosque mostly receives a high number of bookings from groups and individuals from in and around Britain as well as from within its primary region, the West Midlands. 

Masjid Usman is a member of Ladywood Interfaith Education Project.

School Visits

Family counselling is available to those experiencing problems or those wanting advice. An appointment will have to be made with the Imam in advance by emailing the address below. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Masjid Usman has a dedicated team to manage the responsibility of providing meaningful extra-curricular activities for the early teenaged and younger members of the community.


Funeral prayer (Janāzah) can be held at the mosque (carpark) or An Imaam can be sent to the Graveyard to perform the Janazah Prayer and can be arranged via the Masjid office.

 Part of the Masjid can be used for Taziyah for more info please contact the Masjid office.

For Nikah procedures please click here

For Nikah application please click here  


All Nikah's are conducted on our premises, or at another location if required.

Click on the relevant links below for procedures and forms.

Do note that you will require a Wali or Wakeel (Bride's representative) when the Nikah is conducted. This "Wakeel" will have obtained permission from the bride.

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